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Vertical Stockade

Vertical Stockade Wood Fence Panels With Matching Gate.

Vertical Stockade

Stockade is made by arranging the slats/pickets

tightly side by side with no gaps or overlap.

Shrinkage of the pickets over time causes small gaps between the pickets, this is a Semi Privacy Fence.

This fence style is the most economical to produce

as it uses the minimum amount of material to achieve


Wood stockade fence can be built to any height and

is offered in a variety of picket top styles (Dogeared,

Old Point, Gothic, French Gothic, or Flat Top) and

it can be had in lattice top.

This fence style readily lends itself to "Cap & Fascia",

Round Topping (convex) or Scoop Topping (concave)

ornamental fencing treatments.

The most common facing materials are 1/2"x4", 5/8"x4",and 5/8"x 5.5" slat/picket fence boards.

The stringer/frame material is either "Full" 1"x4' or "Dressed" 2"x4".

Matching Gates

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