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Bay Area Fence Factory offers aluminum fencing in Residential, Commercial, Parkway and Industrial grades. Aluminum Fence is an excellent choice for pool code compliant fences. Offering beauty and style to your property as a perimeter fence. Matching Aluminum Gates are available with optional welded in lock boxes to accommodate a variety of locksets including deadbolts, lever locks, doorknob or keyless entry.

We are dealers of a nice variety of American made Aluminum Fence.

Aluminum fence offers elegance and security.

Whether a high security keyed lock or a key less push button,  it can be mounted in your new aluminum gate. Walk and Estate gates and gate installation. ~ Corrosion resistant powder coated finishes.

Pool Code Explained


- Must be a continuous barrier

- Min of 48 inches high

- Max fence gap less than 4"

- Min of 45 inches between rails

  for 4 inch picket spacing

- Max picket spacing on fences          with

  rail spacing less than 45" is 1.5"

- Max spacing bottom of fence to

  dirt, sod or mulch 2"

- Max spacing bottom of fence to

  hard surface (concrete,black top 

  or pavers) 3"


- Must swing away from


- Must be self closing

- Must be self latching

- Min latch release 

  height min 54"

- Must be able to exit 

  without key 

Bay Area Fence Factory's long standing partnerships within the fence industry allows us to bring the Clearwater, Tampa, StPete, Florida fencing area the best prices on aluminum fence & installation. Our 40 plus years of installation know how, backed by superior American made products, will give you years of reliable service. For the timeless look of ornamental wrought iron in corrosion resistant powder coated aluminum. Please contact us. As always, 

Top Quality Guaranteed 

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Aluminum fencing is usually "dry set" during installation

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