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Bay Area Fence Factory's  

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Florida Made

Bay Area Fence Factory   offers four (4) series of aluminum fence to meet your needs.

Residential - Parkway - Commercial - Industrial.

 Additional picket spacing and rail height options are available.

 Elegant ornamental fencing, with Idealcoat powder coat finish, provides a maintenance-free fence that will last for years.


  All of our styles are sleekly designed, with clean lines, and are a unique finishing touch to any outdoor space.

  Aluminum Fence is an excellent choice for pool code compliant fences. Offering beauty and style to your property as a perimeter fence. Matching Aluminum Gates are available with optional welded in lock boxes to accommodate a variety of locksets including deadbolts, lever locks, doorknob or keyless entry.

We are dealers of a nice variety of American made Aluminum Fence.

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