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Ship Lap

Ship Lap Wood Fence Panels, Toe nailed with cap.

Ship Lap

Ship Lap Fence style is made by arranging the slats/pickets on 1 5/8 square vertical stringers in an overlapping pattern that builds a very stylish looking wood fence panel

 The fence panel can be attached either "Face Nailed" to the front of a post or "Toe Nailed" with the post showing.  


 Ship Lap fence panels can be built to any height and is offered in lattice top. it can be assembled with the post showing (toe nailed) or covering the post on one side.

The most common facing materials are 5/8"x 5.5" slat/picket fence boards. The stringer/frame

material is either  1 5/8" X 1 5/8" or "Dressed" 2"x4".

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