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Chain-Link Fence For Sale

Custom Chain-Link Gates

Bay Area Fence Factory manufactures custom chain link gates made to fit your specific needs. Walk Gates, Roll Gates, Swing Gates, Wheel Gates and more.

We specialize in commercial chain link gates & welded lock boxes. Please let us quote your next project.

Chain-Link Fence & Installation

Chain-Link is still the solution to many fence & barrier needs.

Chain-Link fencing is offered in galvanized steel as well as vinyl coated versions that have a smoother feel and texture, are offered in black & green.

We offer materials in; mini mesh with a 1" x 1" daimond pattern, 2" x 2" tennis mesh & 2 3/8" x 2 3/8" diamond that is used in most security and perimeter fencing. The materials are available in Residential grade (11 1/2ga) Commercial grade (9ga) as well as Industrial grade (6ga).

Chain-Link  Parks & Ball Fields

For ball fields and park perimeters, Chain-Link is the standard. Bay Area Fence Factory has been building ball fields and parks through out Pinellas County, Florida for many years. We compete very well in this category. If your municipality or organization is looking to install a field, park or dog run, you really should have Bay Area Fence Factory give you a free estimate.

Top Quality Guaranteed 

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