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Basket Weave

Basket Weave Wood Fence Panels By Bay Area Fence Factory, Pinellas County Fence Contractor, Fence Clearwater.

Basket Weave

Basket Weave Fence style is made by arranging the slats/pickets on both sides of the stringers. Each side has the pickets arranged so as to cross over with every other slat/picket alternating sides.This space allows air to flow through.

Basket Weave fence the first layer of slat/pickets are fastened to the stringer spaced equal to the width of the slat/picket being used. The Fence Panel is then turned over where the spaces created on the first side are covered by placing slat/pickets over the open spaces and fastened into the stringer material. additional stringers can be slid between the sides, alternating, to create the basket weave look. 1/2" X 2" slat material is used as a trim strip once the fence panel has been attached to the post completing  panel.

"stick built"  basket weave fences are created by attaching the slat/picket on opposing sides of the fence. this is not a panel style fence.


 Basket Weave fence can be built to any height and is offered in lattice top. it can be assembled with the post showing (toe nailed) or covering the post on one side.

The most common facing materials are 1/2"x4", 5/8"x4",and 5/8"x 5.5" slat/picket fence boards. The stringer/frame

material is either  1 5/8" X 1 5/8" or "Dressed" 2"x4".

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